Mental training aims to do two things: solve mental problems and increase mental performance and well-being. This is done through the use of different techniques such as goal setting, visualisation, reflection, planning, communication and many others.

Cope with problems

• Anxiety

• Fear of Failure

• Negative Emotions

• Organisational Stress

• Fear of (re)Injury

• Dealing with Referees and Opponents

Increase performance

• Building Confidence

• Perfecting Routines

• Using Effective Self-talk

• Deliberate Practice

• Coaching Relationship

• Focus and Attention

• Better Preparation



For more information about the packages and to book an appointment, please contact me for a free 30-minute phone consultation


for one-on-one consultations

Standard Package
1 initial consultation
3 follow-up sessions
Advanced Package
1 initial consultation
6 follow-up sessions
Phone, email & text support
1 initial consultation
9 follow-up sessions
1 observation session
Phone, email & text support

Assistant coach

Quality and affordable mental training support for coaches


Monthly subscriptions that provide coaches and parents with the mental training support they need to get the best out of their athletes at affordable prices

ask for more information

Parent support

Quality and affordable mental training support for parents

For group consultations, coach development and workshops, we can create a package that suits your unique situation.

Please contact me for more information.



​​Tel: 343-262-1712​

Ottawa, Ontario

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