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I listen to understand

Not to respond

Jelle Kooijman
Mental Performance Consultant

My goal is to help my clients better understand themselves and how they can train their minds. 


Growing up in the Netherlands, I became interested in mental training through my own observations as an athlete. I witnessed over and over how athletes with less physical talent would beat more talented ones simply because their mind operated more effectively.

Since then, I have made it my objective to use science based techniques to unlock that in every athlete I work with 

3 pillars of my work


Understand your mind

Accept yourself

Push to improve

Degrees & Certifications
  • Professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association

  • Bachelor's in Human Movement Science, VU University Amsterdam

  • European Master in Sport and Exercise Psychology, University of Thessaly, Greece & University of Jyvaskyla, Finland

  • NCCP Advanced Development Coach, Volleyball Canada

  • Level 3 Volleyball Coach, Dutch Volleyball Association

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